You know, I know, we all know the skiing is amazing in Vancouver. But if you’re on the hunt for other things to do, I’ve got you covered with a bunch of things that I love doing here at home. Here are my top picks of the best winter activities and events in Vancouver that you need to check out.

vancouver grouse mountain snowy trees


Yes, I know this is ‘on-mountain’, but I thought it was too good to leave out (seriously, who doesn’t want to build an igloo?). Grouse Mountain, one of the three major ski hills closest to Vancouver (Cypress Mountain and Seymour Mountain are the other two, in case you were wondering), offers snowshoe tours with a snow cave experience where you can snowshoe your way to pre-built igloo’s for some quick inspo before getting down and dirty to build your own. I recommend grabbing a few friends or your family together to do this! Cypress and Seymour also offer snowshoe tours but without the igloo (they’re still fun though!). All three mountains are one to two hours drive from Vancouver.

building igloo family

Zip-lining (yes, available during winter depending on weather conditions), sledding, skating and sleigh rides are also available at Grouse, so you might as well check them out if you’re already there! Or for the less-adventurous members of the pack, head up to The Eye of the Wind and see a 360-degree view of Grouse Mountain. This is the world’s first and only view pod located at the top of a massive wind turbine. It’s a pretty sweet view!

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