Have you taken a ski lesson? If not, you probably should. Ski and snowboard instructors are well-trained and they can help you make drastic improvements in short periods of time.

I only took one lesson when I was a kid, then I proceeded to “figure it out” the rest of the way. That was probably a mistake. I spent a long time fighting myself as a result of bad form.

Years later, when I started working at a ski resort, I finally took a second lesson. With good instruction, I improved more in one afternoon than I had in years.

Unfortunately, all of that expertise comes at a high price. Ski lessons are incredibly expensive but definitely worthwhile. If you spend a couple days taking lessons early on, you can have way more fun in the long run. You won’t fight yourself and you’ll get down the mountain smoother and safer. They’re also a great alternative to daycare. The kids can learn to ski with a trained professional while you escape the bunny slope.

That said, they’re pretty unaffordable at full price, especially when you are already spending so much money on other amenities. So, here are a couple ways you can try to bring down the cost.

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