10 Tips For Breathtaking Landscape Photography On Your iPhone

Do you struggle to take beautiful landscape photos with your iPhone? You’re not alone. Landscape photography can be tough. But by following these pro tips, you’ll be able to capture unbelievable iPhone landscape photos in no time!

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1. Switch On HDR For Perfectly Exposed Landscape Photos

Are the skies in your landscape photos too light? Are the shadows in your landscape photos too dark?

Images that are too light or too dark have an exposure problem. That is, they have a problem with the level of brightness in the scene. Too bright images are unpleasant to look at, and too dark images are difficult to decipher.

These problems—called underexposure and overexposure—are common. But they’re easy to deal with.

In fact, there’s a single iPhone technique that will create perfectly exposed landscape photos. It’s called HDR.

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What does HDR mean?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. HDR is a setting on your iPhone camera. It ensures that your photos aren’t too light and aren’t too dark.

Instead, it makes your photos perfectly exposed.

How does the HDR feature work?

When you activate HDR and press the shutter button on your iPhone, the camera actually takes several photographs. Some of these photographs are lighter. Some of these photographs are darker. And some are in the middle.

Then Apple’s software blends the images together. It takes the best parts from each image—and creates one perfectly exposed photo.

For instance, look at the photo below. It was taken without HDR. The sky is bright and overexposed.

Landscape photography 3
But check out the next image, which I took using the HDR setting. Do you see how the sky contains lots of detail? That’s what HDR can do.

Landscape photography 4

So how do you activate HDR on your iPhone camera?

First, you need to make sure that Auto HDR is turned off. Go to the Home screen. Tap Settings, then Camera. Finally, look for the Auto HDR function (Smart HDR on some iPhones). If it’s selected (green), tap to turn it off.

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While you’re there, check that the Keep Normal Photo option is checked. This is in case you don’t like the HDR effect. Your iPhone will save two images: one with the HDR effect and one without.

Next, open your iPhone camera. Look at the screen. Do you see the HDR icon? If so, press it.

On some iPhones, the HDR feature will now be activated. But on others, you’ll need to tap On.

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And that’s it! Now your iPhone will shoot using HDR.

If you want beautifully exposed photos, then use HDR mode in landscape photography.

I highly recommend it.

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