10 Secrets To Taking Stunning Landscape iPhone Photos

Taking good landscape photos can be challenging. How often have you seen a beautiful scene, but when you photograph it with your iPhone the image doesn’t do it justice? And how many of us actually live in stunning scenery anyway? Luckily there are some simple yet highly effective techniques for creating amazing landscape photography even in the most ordinary locations. In this tutorial you’ll discover ten secrets for capturing breathtaking landscape pictures with your iPhone, no matter where you live.

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1. Explore Your Region

The most obvious thing you need for landscape photography is a landscape! I often hear people say that they can’t shoot landscape photos because they don’t live in a place with amazing mountains, crystal clear lakes, beautiful waterfalls, etc.

But you don’t need to live in areas of stunning natural beauty to take great landscape photos. No matter where you are, if you take the time to explore your region you’ll find some excellent opportunities for taking amazing landscape photos with your iPhone.

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Although I live in an urban area of Stockholm, there are lots of areas surrounding the city where I can find natural landscapes to photograph.

Even if you live in the countryside, you’ll probably need to do some exploring of your local area to find the best scenes and natural features for your photography.

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The problem I find is that the nature in my region isn’t that impressive compared to other parts of the country, and indeed the rest of the world… at least not at first glance.

But if you take the time to explore and really look at everything around you, you’ll always find beautiful places to shoot, even in the most ordinary landscapes.

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I explore my surroundings whenever I can. I travel by bike or car, constantly searching for a good location. I even use Google and maps to find interesting sites and locations.

Not far from my city I find hundreds of small lakes, seascapes, mighty forests and lots of farmland. The trick is to understand that you don’t need a vast and dramatic landscape to take interesting photos outdoors.

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A simple field that includes a lone tree or a person will make a great landscape photo as long as you frame it with a little thought. You can even take beautiful landscape shots in city parks if you compose your shot carefully.

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So wherever you live, and whatever your motivation for wanting to take landscape photos, the first step is to get out and explore your surroundings. If you don’t do this, you’ll be missing out on so many amazing photo opportunities!

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