10 Must-Know Composition Tips To Improve Your iPhone Landscape Photos

Anyone can point their iPhone camera at an amazing view, but it takes a more skilled photographer to create truly stunning landscape photography. In fact, with the right techniques you can turn a very ordinary landscape into a beautiful and compelling image. The key to great landscape photography is to compose your shot with thought and intention. In this tutorial you’ll discover ten essential composition techniques that will turn your iPhone landscape photography into something you can be really proud of.

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1. Include An Interesting Focal Point

When you look at a scene with your eyes, you’re taking in the whole experience. You can move your head, listen to the sounds around you, and notice the changing light.

But when you take a photo of that glorious vista, it can look boring and nothing like the picture in your head.

Taking a photo is different from just looking at a scene. You have to be a hunter to hunt out what will bring that scene to life.

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Always look for something to grab the eye. Examples of things that can create interest in a landscape photo include trees, people, animals, buildings, birds and clouds.

An interesting focal point will catch the viewer’s attention and keep them interested in your photo.

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In the two photos above, where is your eye drawn to? It’s likely that in the first photo your eye was drawn to the lone tree, and in the second photo it was drawn to the stone building.

Now imagine these two photos without these focal points. While they would still be nice landscape photos with great light, they probably wouldn’t hold your interest for very long.

Including a focal point gives your photo meaning, and it provides you with a main subject around which to build your composition.

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